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We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you for our latest yoga offerings here at Sea Magic Park!

Yoga, an ancient practice synonymous with the harmonious alignment of body, mind, and soul through the synergy of breath and movement, holds the promise of stress release and the restoration of inner equilibrium with consistent dedication.

Through patience, we discover a natural enhancement of strength and flexibility, guiding us inexorably towards holistic wellness.

Thaya Spa and Fitness cordially invites you to explore our new yoga and meditation experiences, set amidst the tranquility of our enchanting outdoor space, which serves as our dedicated yoga sanctuary.

Against the backdrop of serene ocean vistas, our classes, held both in the morning and evening, offer moments of profound peace and contemplation.

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Tailored to accommodate all levels of experience, our sessions seamlessly blend traditional yoga practices with gentle movements, facilitating a fluid journey of self-discovery. Each class culminates in a soothing guided relaxation, providing a precious opportunity for introspection and mindfulness—a sacred time devoted entirely to your well-being.

Leading our sessions is Victoria Lassem, an esteemed yoga instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience in her native Norway. Victoria brings to our community not only her expertise in yoga instruction but also a profound commitment to holistic healing, evidenced by her regular organization of Time To Heal retreats.

Alongside her role as spa manager at Thaya Spa and Fitness, Victoria's dedication to fostering wellness shines through in every aspect of her practice.

To learn more about Victoria and her transformative yoga retreats, please visit

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