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Look and feel incredible from head to toe

Thaya Day Spa offers exclusive signature services, expertly delivered. Our priority is promoting your natural radiance and well-being during your time in Myanmar - this is reflected in the natural ingredients used in our premium products that promote health and beauty, in and out of your body.

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Spa Treatments

Spa treatments

Thai Herbal Ball
Traditional herbal therapy has been used in Thailand for over 2,500 years. This healing technique relieves stress, pain and inflammation by using, induces deep relaxation and improves circulation.
60m  |  42,000 kyats

Natural Body Scrub
Exfoliate tired skin with one of our natural body scrubs. This treatment will uplift and balance your skin. Regular treatments help keep your skin bright and healthy.
60m  |  37,000 kyats

Natural Body Mask
Moisturize your tired skin with a Thaya Body Mask treatment. Benefits include protection from the sun's harmful rays, as well as being an anti-oxidant which promotes healthy skin.
60m  |  40,000 kyats

Spa Massage

Spa massage

Thai Foot Massage
Massaging one's feet involves the stimulation of nerve endings that help relax the mind and energize the body. Don't be shy to fall asleep during this blissful treatment. If you have more energy, why not enjoy a delicious Boost Bar smoothie during the treatment – a wonderful escape from the unrelenting heat!
75m 13,000 kyats  |  120m 18,000 kyats

Thai Full Body Massage
The original and classic form of Thai massage inspired by the techniques of the world-famous Wat Pho Massage School. Gentle rocking, deep stretching and acupressure techniques open the joints, improve flexibility and circulation and lend to a more limber and relaxed you!
90m 20,000 kyats  |  120m 25,000 kyats

Aromatherapy Massage
Our most popular massage uses soothing palm strokes and the invigorating blend of essential oils to induce relaxation & recovery. 
60m 37,000 kyats  |  90m 47,000 kyats  |  120m 57,000 kyats

2-Hand Hot Stone Massage
Warm volcanic stones, sourced from Ghana, are used in a deep, rhythmic treatment to increase blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Great for arthritis, sore joints and muscle pain.
90m  |  52,000 kyats

4-Hand Hot Stone Massage
Two therapists massage the full body in rhythm with warm volcanic stones, gently rocking you into a deep state of relaxation.
90m  |  63,000 kyats



Facials by Thalgo
Thalgo is an internationally-renowned brand from France, synonymous with innovation in the field of cosmetic research and development and the ultimate in facial care products and treatments. Thalgo treatments exclusively utilise the richness of marine algae to create skin products that achieve outstanding results.  Click here to read more about Thalgo. Thaya Day Spa, along with Inya Day Spa, are the only places in Myanmar offering Thalgo's treatments.

Cold Marine Facial
A cooling haven of peace for sensitive skin, this treatment combines a rich soothing milk and refreshing clay mask for a fresh and luminous complexion.
70m  |  63,000 kyats

Purity Facial
Devote your first session to Thalgo's famous deep cleansing ritual for healthy, supple skin.
60m | 47,000 kyats

Rebalancing  Facial
An intensive treatment for oily / combination skin. Deep cleansing and purifying.  Promotes clearer skin, with a tighter skin surface and less visible pores.
70m  |  63,000 kyats

Hydra Moisture Facial
Suitable for all skin types, this facial featuring the Absolute Hydration range with Marine ingredient Sève Marine® will combat signs of dehydration, leaving the skin softer, with improved skin texture; the face regains its true features.
90m  |  78,000 kyats

Men's Ocean
Algue Bleue Vitale™ and Bamboo extracts combine to give an anti-ageing, anti-fatigue and energising facial especially for men.
75m  |  63,000 kyats

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments

All facials use our Electro-Osmosis facial machine to speed up the absorption of vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Better skin without nasty needles.


  • Electro pulses open the skin pores of the outer layer, allowing nutrition serum deep into the skin tissue.
  • Nutrients are more quickly absorbed, resulting in accelerated skin metabolism and elasticity.
  • Results can be seen immediately.

Glow Brightening
Brightens the skin, tackles freckles, sun spots and acne.
60m  |  63,000 kyats

Glow Plus
Brightening plus the addition of Q10 Collagen serum.  Q10 collagen is used for reducing wrinkles and for firming of the skin.
60m  |  73,000 kyats

Gold Anti-Aging
Shed years off your skin and recapture your youth. This facial is perfect for anti-aging, wrinkles and older skin)
60m  |  63,000 kyats

Nail Service

Nail services

Upgrade your fingers! Whether you want your nails clean and cut, flashy and fun or glimmering and glamorous, our nail art and nail care service are just for you! Let us apply a high quality OPI polish that lasts longer, wears better and looks stunning.

Mini Manicure/Pedicure
Quick and simple – get your nails cut, cleaned, trimmed and polished. Great for those in a rush who just want to keep their fingers and toes hygienic and maintained.

Mini-Manicure 6,000 kyats

Mini-Pedicure  8,000 kyats

Full Manicure/Pedicure
We will cut, clean, trim and polish your nails as well as treat your cuticles to keep them clean, maintained and moisturised.

Manicure 10,000 kyat

Pedicure 12,000 kyats

Spa Manicure/Pedicure
This is a full manicure/pedicure (including cuticle care). But we also will give your legs a special treat – a leg mask that cleans and moisturises the skin and a massage. Treat your feet and satisfy your thighs, whatever the cause - walking, working, shopping or partying!

Spa Manicure 15,000 kyats 

Spa Pedicure 20,000 kyats

French Manicure
The natural, classy and classic look! White tips with either no base color or a natural pink base.

Add 3,000 kyats

Nail Art
Turn your nails into a canvas and make your friends jealous – cool, funky nails that really make you stand out!

Add 3,000 – 5,000 kyats

Monthly Packages & Promotions - January 2017

Indulge more, spend less. Our packages, updated monthly, allow you to truly immerse your body and mind in the very best Thaya Day Spa has to offer, at a price that won't disturb your wallet.


Total Time: 120 Minutes
Choose Either For 10% Off
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Spa Body Massage (60 mins)
• Body Mask (60 mins) + Spa Body Massage (60 mins)
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Body Mask (60 mins)


Total Time: 180 Minutes
Choose Either For 10% Off
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Spa Body Massage (60 mins) + Facial (60 mins)
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Body Mask (60 mins) + Spa Body Massage (60 mins)
• Body Scrub(60 mins) + Body Mask (60 mins) + Facial (60 mins)


Total Time: 210 Minutes
Choose Either For 10% Off
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Body Mask (60 mins) + Back & Shoulder (30 Mins) + Facial (60 mins)
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Spa Body Massage(60 mins) + Back & Shoulder (30 mins) + Facial (60 mins)
• Body Scrub (60 mins) + Back & Shoulder (30 mins) + Facial (60 mins) + Spa Pedicure