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The Thaya Day Spa Story

Thaya Day Spa is a high-end but fair-priced, full-service day spa in a prime location in Yangon. A fusion of passion, inspiration and innovation, Thaya is at the forefront in shaping the day spa experience.

In 2009, well before Myanmar morphed into the hive of tourism, business and activity it is today, American Damian Lau started Inya Day Spa on Inya Road. At the time, there was no spa scene. Indeed, Inya was one of the few spas in the entire city!

Inya grew quickly and is now the most popular and well-rated spa in Yangon, extremely popular with locals, tourists and expats alike.

Damian Lau, owner of Inya, wanted to build on the success of Inya Day Spa, but this time, do something different. Whereas Inya is a large, garden retreat, Damian wanted to create a smaller, contemporary and intimate space that could offer the same premier service and treatments, but set in calm and quiet surroundings. An oasis of cool away from the searing heat of the city—a place where your problems and frustrations can melt away amidst an ambience that is as much a part of relaxing the mind and body as the spa treatments themselves. The result is Thaya Day Spa.

The Man Behind The Spa

Damian Lau hails from Seattle, Washington. After working for Microsoft and Yahoo focusing on search technology, he studied at the Gemology Institute of America and, along with his Burmese wife, spent time in Thailand before coming to Myanmar in 2009.

In Thailand, Damian underwent intensive training in Thai and foot massage at the world-famous Wat Pho Massage School in Bangkok. On arrival in Yangon, Damian saw the need for a day spa that offered Thai massage, then a rarity in the city. Inya Day Spa was born.

Damian is single-mindedly focused on ensuring the highest standards of training and service for each and every member of the Thaya and Inya team personally, raising the standard of massage in Myanmar and allowing spa guests to experience the best Thai massage outside Thailand... some customers even say that Inya and Thaya offer better Thai massage than can be found anywhere in Bangkok!

Thaya now hosts a permanent staff of skilled and experienced spa therapists, many bringing international spa experience to their role. This means that no two visits to Thaya are ever the same!

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